Born in 1981 in Minsk, Belorussia.
Immigrated to Israel in 1991, living and working there today.
In 2007 graduated Holon Institute of Technology with B.Des degree in Visual Communication.
Julia uses photography to capture moments, objects, scenes, and later paints them while observing the photo. Some frames are planned, some are spontaneous, some are old photographs found and altered. In the painting process the image is rediscovered and reborn, bearing a different nature than the photo which lies in its base.  
Julia’s work is inspired by the cinematic imagery, by objects laying around the house, by ads, by changes in someone’s or something’s appearance, caused by light, angle or time.
The final results are paintings which are realistic, but their themes aren’t obvious and not always clear. They attempt to show the unnoticed, to intrigue, to remind something, to make the meaningless meaningful, to make the observer wonder.